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History of Soul

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A comprehensive series of double CDs chronicling the evolution of soul from its beginnings in the churches of the southern states
through the dance halls of the chittlin' circuit to the sophisticated supper clubs of the urban centres.


Before the Second World War, the African American population of Ohio was small and concentrated in the southern part of the State, mainly in Cincinnatti; black music recordings from that era in the state are pretty rare. But the great northward migration from the old slave states during and after the war drew large numbers of blacks to the factories of Akron, Dayton and particularly Cleveland. This encouraged musical entrepreneurs to establish independent recording companies in Ohio that produced music for the new populations. The state's powerhouse for music was of course the King label and its subsidiaries run by the iron fist of Syd Nathan in Cincinnati. So it is quite appropriate that this CD set has a preponderance of tracks from this source, and from King's Chicago outpost.


Disc One

1. Don't You Know The Ramblers
2. Suffering With The Blues Little Willie John
3. Natural Born Lover The Gum Drops
4. Love Have Mercy Rufus Beacham
5. Every Whicha Kinda Way Earl Connelly King
6. Come In This House Joe Tex
7. A Woman's Intuition Tiny Topsy
8. Got a Feelin' Willie Wright & His Sparklers
9. Teardrops On Your Letter Hank Ballard & The Midnighters 10. Just A Little Bit Of Lovin' Donnie Elbert
11. How Lonely Can You Be Donald Height
12. Without Your Love The Five Jades
13. I'm Gonna Love You, Love You 'Til I Die Clarence Paul
14. Now Baby Don't Do It El Pauling & The Royalton
15. I Want Love The Mascots
16. Baby, You're Right James Brown & The Famous Flames 17. Ain't No Cotton Pickin' Chicken Lulu Reed
18. Have No Fear Ricky Lyons
19. Yes, You Made It That Way The Valentines
20. It Hurts Inside The 5 Royales
21. Hesitation Lee Roye & The Emeralds
22. I'm Hurting Billy Gales
23. Watch Over Me Freddie King & Lulu Reed
24. Everything I Do Donnie Murphy and The Ambassadors
25. Dynamite Big Jay Bush & The House Rockers
26. I Wanna Know Syl Johnson
27. I Just Wants Me Some Love Johnny Guitar Watson

Disc Two

1. Your Well Ran Dry Carol Ford
2. Signed, Sealed and Delivered James Brown
3. You Hurt Me Little Willie John
4. I Don't Know About You Lloyd Nolan
5. You Gonna Miss Me Albert Washington
6. You Have My Blessings Mary Johnson
7. I Know My Baby Loves Me So Springers
8. Show Me Some Sign The Charters
9. Come On Home Baby Big Jay Bush
10. You'd Better Think Twice Jesse Anderson
11. I Love You J C Akins
12. I Won't Have It King Pins
13. Better Days Ahead Guitar Crusher
14. It Hurts To Be In Love Freddie King
15. So This Is Love Lonnie Lester
16. I'm A Lonesome Rooster T C Lee
17. All The Time Kenny Smith & Jeri Jackson
18. Come Change Your Name To Mine Cleveland Robinson 19. I Still Remember The Kelly Brothers
20. Lot Of Money Little Emmett Sutton
21. Don't Let It Get You Down Ike Perry And His Lyrics
22. So Many Days The Vonns
23. Please Please Please Syl Johnson
24. Party At Lester's Lou Ragland & The Band Masters
25. Beauty Claudette Johnson
26. You Better Know It Expressions
27. If I Ever Needed Your Love (I Need It Now) Gene Allison


Chicago Soul Available Now

Part of the 'History of Soul' series but a pleasure in its own right, this CD bears witness to the creation of a distinctive, smooth soul sound made in Chicago in the early 1960s that we associate with such legendary figures as Curtis Mayfield, Betty Everett and McKinley Mitchell. Black music was transitioning between R&B and soul at this time, and vocal groups were introducing a new gospel sensibility into their songs.

The accompanying booklet is written by Robert Pruter, author of the acclaimed 'Chicago Soul'.

'Contains some absolutely stunning tracks and I applaud the compilers for their selection. To add icing on the cake, the booklet is in the Ace/Kent league when it comes to sheer size and quality written by no other than Robert Pruter.'
Keith Rylatt – Manifesto Soul Magazine

This fine collection brings together the cream of Windy City soul from the years 1950 to 1962. As is often the case with these types of compilations, it's the obscure cuts that make them worthwhile and this one is no exception. Roots & Rhythm



Disc One: 1950 - 1961

1. Hi Yo Silver Harold Burrage
2. Play It Cool The Spaniels
3. Could It Be You The Four Tops
4. For Your Precious Love Jerry Butler w The Impressions
5. Billy's Blues, Part 2 Billy Stewart
6. I'll Weep No More Betty Everett
7. Satisfied Harold Burrage
8. Never Felt This Way Before The Sheppards
9. Senorita I Love You The Impressions
10. I Want To Know Sugar Pie DeSanto
11. Crying For My Baby Harold Burrage
12. I've Got A Girl Major Lance
13. He Will Break Your Heart Jerry Butler
14. Tragic The Sheppards
15. These Tears Mary Johnson
16. If I Can't Have You Etta James & Harvey Fuqua
17. Say That You Love Me The Impressions
18. Where Is She Dobie Hicks
19. So Mean To Me Little Milton
20. Stop Giving Your Man Away Joyce Davis
21. Waiting For Charlie To Come Home Etta James
22. Better Tell Him No The Starlets
23. Gypsy Woman The Impressions
24. Your Friends Dee Clark
25. Oh Cindy The Vibrations
26. Forgotten The Sheppards
27. Oh What A Way To Be Loved The Daylighters
28. New Rockin' Baby The Chaunteurs
29. Be Ever Wonderful Ted Taylor
30. I Got To Get Away From It All Mitty Collier

Disc Two: 1962

1. The Town I Live McKinley Mitchell
2. I Got A Claim On You Baby Betty Everett
3. I'm The One Who Loves You The Impressions
4. I Don't Want To Suffer Walter Jackson
5. Ask Me Sugar Pie DeSanto
6. Can't Take No More Ted Taylor
7. Master Key Harold Burrage
8. I'm So Glad McKinley Mitchell
9. Your Love Is Important To Me Betty Everett
10. Make It Easy On Yourself Jerry Butler
11. Could This Be Love Cicero Blake
12. Mama Didn't Lie The Fascinations
13. Nite Owl The Dukays
14. Can't Work No Longer The Impressions
15. Something's Got A Hold On Me Etta James
16. Cool Breeze Gerald Sims & The Daylighters
17. Father Knows Best The Radiants
18. Message To Martha Jerry Butler
19. The Flea The Five Du-Tones
20. The Bird The Dutones
21. I Lost A Love Dorothy Prince
22. Pushover Etta James
23. Please Love Me Betty Everett
24. We Girls Jan Bradley
25. Little Young Lover The Impressions
26. Tear For Tear Gene Chandler
27. Please Change Your Mind The Five Du-Tones
28. Don't Let Her Take My Baby Mitty Collier
29. Why Not Tonight Dorothy Prince
30. One Day I'll Show You The Radiants
31. Fat Boy Billy Stewart
32. Delilah Major Lance


Soul of New Orleans

New Orleans.... home of jazz, birthplace of the funk and, some would say, of rock'n'roll. No great controversy there, but The Big Easy's role in the history of soul music has been less well documented. Part of the 'History of Soul' series, this compilation of tracks illustrates the depth and breadth of music produced in the city between 1958 and 1962. Music that went way beyond R&B, taking into soul the joyous rhythms of funky second line parade bands, the gospel-based piano triplets of barrelhouse wizards and the tight horn sections of Allen Toussaint and Dave Bartholomew, whose arrangements from would later inform the classic Stax sound. The familiar names are all here: Irma Thomas, Aaron Neville, Eddie Bo, Bobby Marchan but so are the lesser known but fabulous Ray Washington, Berna Dean, Martha Carter and Chuck Carbo. So prepare to be blown away by some of the most exciting, deep and affecting sounds that ever came from Louisiana and made their way into soul as we know it.

'This is an amazing value for the price - SO MANY good songs from some of the best classic New Orleans music artists. I stumbled across this gem looking for Ernie K-Doe and discovered so many amazing hits via this compilation!'
Miss Malaprop (New Orleans blogger)



1. She Put The Hurt On Me Prince La La
2. I'm Leaving You Today Al Robinson
3. We Are Just Friends Earl King
4. Fair Play Diamond Joe
5. Genevieve Huey 'Piano' Smith
6. One Man's Woman Martha Carter
7. Ruler Of My Heart Irma Thomas
8. Country Fool The Showmen
9. A Losing Battle Johnny Adams
10. I'm Waiting At The Station Aaron Neville
11. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye Danny White
12. Pain In My Heart Al Robinson
13. Every Dog Got Its Day Eddie Bo
14. Trick Bag Earl King
15. Love You The Best Ernie K Doe
16. Willie Knows How Willie West
17. The World Keeps Changing Berna Dean
18. Sweet Jelly Roll Jessie Hill
19. All For One Willie Tee
20. Set Me Free Irma Thomas
21. I Just Can't Take It No More Cookie Gabriel
22. Do You Love Me Little Willie John
23. Booty Green Bobby Marchan
24. She's So Fine Big Boy Myles
25. There's A Will There's A Way Ernie K-Doe
26. Please Don't Leave Me Lee Diamond
27. I Waited Too Long Eskew Reeder
28. Lonely Evening Lee Dorsey
29. Picture Of You Chuck Carbo
30. Is It Too Late The Tick Tocks
31. Something You Got Chris Kenner


1. Down in New Orleans Vibrations
2. Com'n Home The Showmen
3. Boys Will Be Boys Joe Tex
4. I Won't Cry Johnny Adams
5. Ain't It The Truth Now Eddie Bo
6. Wake Up Al Robinson
7. Beating Like A Tom Tom Ernie K Doe
8. My Head Is Spinning Ford Eaglin
9. Times Are Getting Harder The Five Knights
10. Graveyard The Blenders
11. My Baby's Got Soul Larry Williams
12. Whip It On Me Jessie Hill
13. Out On A Limb Chuck Carbo
14. I Want To Go Home Charles Brown
15. Keep On Trying Guitar Ray
16. Money Tami Lynn
17. T'Ain't It The Truth Ernie K-Doe
18. Come Back To Me Prince La La
19. Don't Mess With My Man Irma Thomas
20. I Wanna Know Al Robinson
21. It's No Use To Try Willie West
22. So Fine, So Sweet Little Buck
23. Who Are You Johnny Adams
24. Then I'll Believe Martha Carter
25. I Want Somebody Tommy Taylor
26. The Sooner You Realize Eldridge Holmes
27. Moanin' and Screamin' Pt 1 Diamond Joe
28. I Need Money Lee Diamond
29. Cry On Irma Thomas
30. No Love Sweeter Than Mine Cookie Gabriel
31. Stubborn Old Me Al Adams


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