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In a comprehensive overview from 1927 to 1963, History of Soul Records’ 8CD anthology covers the genesis of soul music, tracing connections between R&B, jazz and blues, and gospel, the secular and the sacred. As popular black musical genres were adopted by white teenage audiences in the 1950s, black music reverted to more authentic, basic styles. By 1960, the sound of black popular music had turned away from a driving, largely uptempo rhythm and blues towards a more emotionally poignant style. The term ‘soul’ popped up here and there, but only became common parlance after the release of Ray Charles’s I Believe To My Soul at the end of 1959.

The growing Civil Rights movement, the rise of the 45rpm record and the introduction of the electric guitar all played their part in the creation of a new sound. Detroit had Berry Gordy’s Motown, Chicago had Curtis Mayfield and the Impressions and New York had Atlantic Records along with white songwriters Burt Bacharach and Jerry Ragavoy producing their uptown soul. Down south, Stax was setting Memphis alight, Fame were starting up in Muscle Shoals, and New Orleans was putting funk into the mix. By 1963, soul had gone mainstream. There were more soulful records in the charts in 1962 alone than there had been in the whole of the 1950s.

This collection of breathtaking blues and spiritual music brings you some of the most impassioned, compelling vocal performances ever to be recorded. The accompanying illustrated 36-page book sets out the historical background and explains some of the technical features that make these beautiful songs the precursors of soul music.


This one is a corker...every bit as epic as it sounds... It’s hard to know where to begin with such a monumental and thorough anthology – especially one as full of highlights as this
Lauren Laverne BBC 6 Music

Mammoth and magnificent anthology...While there can be no package large enough to represent all the players,
Sacred To Secular has a worthy stab at it, excavating as close as possible to the core and acting both as a cultural document and an excellent crash course in one of music’s most epochal periods.
Fiona Sturges Uncut

Embrace this journey through a lost era...the real thrill lies in discovering lesser names especially from the fringes of gospel, whose work is every bit as stirring
Clive Davies Sunday Times 

It’s common knowledge that soul developed largely from gospel; but that journey has never been as extensively mapped as on this eight-CD compilation
5 star review in The Independent


DISC 1      

  1. I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go Unknown Arizona Dranes OKeh 8600 1927
  2. Judgement Nelson   Sister Mary Nelson Vocalion B1109 1927
  3. Moan You Moaners Williams Bessie Smith Columbia 14538 Jun 1930
  4. Lord I Just Can't Keep From Cryin' Trad Blind Willie Johnson Columbia 147570 Dec 1928
  5. Every Time That I Feel The Spirit Unknown Golden Gate Jubliee Quartet Bluebird  8019 Feb 1939
  6. This Heart Of Mine Pt 1 Gates   Rev R V Gates  Bluebird 8108 Mar 1939
  7. How Far from God Tharpe Sister Rosetta Tharpe Decca 48030 Jan 1946
  8. I’m Waiting For Jesus Unknown Georgia Peach w Lois Russell  Manor 1947
  9. I'm Standing On The Highway Trad The Pilgrim Travelers Specialty 305 Dec 1947
  10. Beams Of Heaven Tharpe Sister Rosetta Tharpe w Marie Knight Decca 48070 Nov 1947
  11. I'm Tired Unknown Ethel Davenport w Brownie McGhee Castle 2007 Sep 1948
  12. How Sweet It Is  Trad Prof J Earle Hines Capitol 1948
  13. Stand By Me Trad Sister Mathews Unknown 1948
  14. Call It Stormy Monday Walker T-Bone Walker Black & White 122 Jan 1948 
  15. There's A Place Trad Cora Martin Broadcast 1949
  16. Heaven Bound Train Trad Jackson Gospel Singers Star Talent 811 Dec 1949
  17. Lord Jesus Carr Wynona Carr Specialty 324 Feb 1949
  18. Stacked Deck Billy Wright Billy Wright Savoy 781 Dec 1950
  19. Do Something For Me Ward/Marks The Dominoes Federal 12001 Nov 1950
  20. He's My Rock Trad The Five Blind Boys Of Mississippi Peacock 1551 Sep 1950
  21. Just Over The Hill Brewster   Mahalia Jackson Apollo 221 Jan 1950
  22. Please Send Me Someone To Love Percy Mayfield Percy Mayfield Specialty 375 Aug 1950
  23. Love Don't Love Nobody Roy Brown Roy Brown DeLuxe 3306 Jun 1950
  24. Salvation Is Free Ward    Clara Ward Savoy 14034 Nov 1951
  25. In That Home By And By  Trad Jesse Mae Renfro Peacock 1588 Apr 1951
  26. Try A Little Tenderness R. Connelly Little Miss Cornshucks Coral 65090 Dec 1951
  27. I'll Be There Glover Little Esther Federal 12065 Nov 1951
  28. When He Spoke Trad Ruth Davis Gotham 703 1951

DISC 2      

  1. This Old Soul Of Mine Unknown Professor J.Earle Hines Broadcast 1951
  2. Too Close To Heaven Alex Bradford The Davis Sisters Gotham 736 Oct 1952
  3. I'll Drown In My Tears Glover Sonny Thompson w Lula Reed King 4527 Dec 1951
  4. Way Back Home Kirkland/Smith Big Maybelle Okeh 06955 Oct 1952
  5. Just Another Day Sam Cooke The Soul Stirrers Specialty 835 Feb 1952
  6. You Can't Hurry God, He's Right On Time Coates Dorothy Love Coates Specialty 839 Jul 1952
  7. Build Me A Cabin Unknown Edna Gallmon Cooke  Republic 7048 Apr 1953
  8. Here Am I Do Lord Send Me Trad The Spirit Of Memphis Quartet King Dec 1950
  9. Baby, Don't Do It Lowman Pauling The '5' Royales Apollo 443 Oct 1952
  10. Be Ready When He Comes Coleman   The Colemanaires w Ann Cole Timely 105 Sep 1953
  11. Have Mercy Baby Ward/Marks The Dominoes Federal 12068 Jan 1952
  12. Blessed And Brought Up By The Lord Trad The Caravans States 137 Dec 1953
  13. Walking To Jerusalem Trad Mahalia Jackson Apollo 289 Oct 1953
  14. Money Honey Stone  The Drifters Atlantic 1006 Aug 1953
  15. Jesus Walk With Me Unknown Marie Knight Decca 28545 Dec 1952
  16. No Hiding Place Coates Dorothy Love Coates Specialty 861 Aug 1953
  17. Going To Move To The Outskirts Of Town Weldon Billy Ward & The Dominoes Federal 12178 Mar 1954
  18. I've Got A New Home Jesse Whitaker The Pilgrim Travelers Specialty 854 Jul 1953
  19. Since He Lightened My Heavy Load Unknown The Staple Singers Gospel 1011 Oct 1954
  20. Don't You Know Charles   Ray Charles Atlantic 1037 Aug 1954
  21. I'm Determined James Cleveland The Meditation Singers Specialty 866 Apr 1954
  22. Ocean Of Tears Wyche Big Maybelle Unreleased Mar 1955
  23. The Things That I Used To Do Jones Guitar Slim Specialty 482 Oct 1953
  24. Somebody Touched Me Trad Edna Gallmon Cooke  Rep 7069 Jun 1953
  25. Don't Say Your Last Goodbye Porter/Ballard The Midnighters  Federal 12185 Apr 1954
  26. Somebody Touched Me Ertegun Ruth Brown & The Drifters Atlantic 1044 May 1954
  27. Too Late Baby Unknown The Five Keys Aladdin 3085 Mar 1951
  28. Too Close To Heaven Alex Bradford Alex Bradford Specialty 852 Aug 1953
  29. Any Day Now Trad The Soul Stirrers Specialty 868 Mar 1954

DISC 3      

  1. Ten Long Years King/Taub B.B. King RPM 437 1955
  2. This May Be The Last Time Trad The Five Blind Boys Of Alabama Specialty 923 1957
  3. The Angels Keep Watching Trad  The Caravans Unreleased 1955
  4. Help Me Unknown The Aladdins Aladdin 3358 Jan 1955
  5. Twelve Gates To The City Trad  The Davis Sisters Savoy 4067 Feb 1955
  6. The Way You Dog Me Around Strong The Diablos Fortune 518 Nov 1955
  7. Don't Cry Baby Scott Jimmy Scott Savoy 1163 Jun
  8. Directly From My Heart Perryman Little Richard Specialty 686 Sep 1955
  9. Need Your Love So Bad John   Little Willie John King 4841 Sep 1955
  10. So Fine Otis The Sheiks Federal 12237 Aug 1955
  11. Saved Trad  Roberta Martin Singers w Eugene Smith Apollo 299 1955
  12. Jesus Brought Me/I Found Joy Trad The Swan Silvertones w Dewey Young Broadcast 1955
  13. I Cried Like A Baby Singleton/McCoy Nappy Brown Savoy 1547 Oct 1956
  14. 99 And A Half Love Dorothy Love Coates Specialty 897 Aug 1956
  15. While the Blood Runs Warm Trad  Aretha Franklin Unreleased 1956
  16. Please, Please, Please Terry/Brown James Brown Federal 12258 Feb 1956
  17. Save A Seat For Me Perkins The Five Blind Boys Of Mississippi Peacock 1760 Feb 1956
  18. I Can't Glover Linda Hopkins Federal 12281 Aug 1956
  19. This I Know Cook   Little Joe Cook & The Thrillers Okeh 7075 1956
  20. I Put My Trust In Thee Trad  Marie Knight Mercury 10034 Jun 1956
  21. Ain't That Love Charles   Ray Charles Atlantic 1124 Nov 1956
  22. Easy Easy Baby Black   Ann Cole Baton 224 Apr 1956
  23. Touch The Hem Of His Garment Sam Cooke The Soul Stirrers Specialty 896 Feb 1956
  24. Come On And Save Me Lowman Pauling The 5 Royales King 4952 Jun 1956
  25. Farther Up The Road Robey/Veasy Bobby 'Blue' Bland Duke 170 1957
  26. To The End Trad  The Sensational Nightingales Peacock 1778 1957
  27. Lonely Avenue Doc Pomus Ray Charles Atlantic 1108 May 1956
  28. There's Something On My Mind Taylor The Highway QC's Vee-Jay 853 Oct 1957
  29. I Should Have Done Right Manrich The Drifters Unreleased Feb 1956

DISC 4      

  1. Didn't It Rain Trad Evelyn Freeman Bel Canto 722 1957
  2. Don't You Know Alvin   The Ramblers Federal 12286 Oct 1956
  3. Be With Me Jesus Sam Cooke The Soul Stirrers Broadcast 1955
  4. Hold My Baby's Hand Brown/Smith James Brown Federal 12277 Mar 1956
  5. Without Love (There Is Nothing Small Clyde McPhatter Atlantic 1117 Oct 1956
  6. That's Enough Trad Judy Clay & The Drinkard Singers Verve LP 8245 July 1957
  7. Love, Life And Money Glover/Dixon Little Willie John King 5023 Jan 1957
  8. You Can Make It If You Try T. Jarrett Gene Allison Vee-Jay 256 Jul 1957
  9. The Right Time Lew Herman Nappy Brown Savoy 1525 Oct 1957
  10. What Can I Do Elbert Donnie Elbert DeLuxe 6125 Mar 1957
  11. Talkin' 'bout You Ray Charles Ray Charles Atlantic 1172 May 1957
  12. Sit Down And Rest Awhile Trad O.V. Wright Broadcast May 1957
  13. I'll Weep No More Weaver Betty Everett Cobra 5031 1958
  14. Were You There? Trad The Soul Stirrers Specialty 907 Apr 1957
  15. Hold It Butler/Scott Bill Doggett King 5149 Oct 1958
  16. You Got Me Bobby Bland Bobby 'Blue' Bland Duke 185 1958
  17. The Lord Will Provide Cleveland   The Caravans Gospel LP 3005 Dec 1958
  18. What You Say Baby Davis The Dells Vee-Jay 274 Feb 1958
  19. Lonely Teardrops Gordy  Jackie Wilson Brunswick 55105 Aug 1958
  20. I've Been Lifted Unknown The Dixie Nightingales Pepper 910 1958
  21. Try Me James Brown James Brown Federal 12337 Sep 1958
  22. That Will Never Do Milton Cambell Little Milton Bobbin 101 Dec 1958
  23. What Folks Say About Me Bradford Professor Alex Bradford Specialty 917 Nov 1958
  24. Yes Indeed Oliver Ray Charles Atlantic 1180 Feb 1958
  25. Oh Mary Dont You Weep Trad Swan Silvertone Singers Vee-Jay 808 Aug 1958
  26. Tell The Truth Lowman Pauling The 5 Royales King 5141 Apr 1958
  27. I Can See So Much Robinson Cleophus Robinson  Peacock 1784 1958
  28. For Your Precious Love Brooks/Butler Jerry Butler Vee-Jay 280 Apr 1958


  1. Something's Got A Hold Of Me Trad The Soul Seekers Mormax 54 1959
  2. Shout (Pts 1 & 2 Isleys The Isley Brothers RCA 7588 Jul 1959
  3. You Better Know It Henry/Wilson Jackie Wilson Brunswick 55149 Sep 1959
  4. Stand By Me Father Cooke/Alexander The Soul Stirrers SAR 101 Sep 1959
  5. I Want To Know Badger/Desanto/Geddins Sugar Pie DeSanto Veltone 103 1959
  6. Every Night About This Time Fats Domino Little Richard w The Upsetters Little Star 123 Dec 1959
  7. Crying For My Baby Harold Burrage Harold Burrage Vee-Jay 318 Mar 1959
  8. Walk Around Me (My Lord Trad The Sensational Wonders Fabor 1959
  9. I'm Shakin' Toombs Little Willie John King 5342 Dec 1959
  10. Here Comes The Fool Martin/Prujan Donoman & The Lakettes Thunderbird 102 1959
  11. (You Can Depend On Me Gordy/Robinson The Miracles Tamla 54028 Sep 1959
  12. Bye Bye Baby Mary Wells Mary Wells Motown 1003 Sep 1960
  13. I Believe To My Soul Ray Charles Ray Charles Atlantic 2043 June 1959
  14. My Soul Looks Back And Wonders Cleveland The Meditation Singers Specialty 919 Jul 1959
  15. Baby, One More Time Drapers The Drapers Vest 831 Oct 1960
  16. A Fool In Love Ike Turner Ike & Tina Turner Sue 730 1960
  17. He's The Same Today Reese The Kelly Brothers Federal 12404 Jun 1960
  18. My Love Came Tumbling Down Barnes J.J. Barnes & The Del Fi's Kable 437 1960
  19. Ooh Poo Pah Doo (Pt 1 J. Hill Jessie Hill Minit 607 Jan 1960
  20. Working On The Building Trad The Highway QC's Vee-Jay 873 Feb 1959
  21. Tenderness Cooke/Alexander Sam Cooke RCA LP 4451 Oct 1960
  22. Who Wouldn't Love A Man Like That Carlo/Gordy Mable John Tamla 54031 Aug 1960
  23. Cause I Love You Rufus Thomas Rufus & Carla Satellite 102 1960
  24. Who's The Fool Robinson Singin' Sammy Ward Tamla 54030 Sep 1960
  25. I've Got A Girl Mayfield Major Lance  Mercury 71582 Dec 1959 
  26. Singin' In My Soul Johnson Swan Silvertone Singers Vee-Jay 894 Mar 1960
  27. Work Song Brown/Adderley Nina Simone Colpix 197 1961
  28. What'd I Say (Pts 1 & 2 Ray Charles Ray Charles Atlantic 2031 Feb 1959

DISC 6      

  1. Gin House Blues Burke Nina Simone Colpix 608 1961
  2. You're Gonna Need Him Unknown Brother Joe May & Jacqui Verdell Broadcast 1961/2
  3. I Idolize You Turner Ike & Tina Turner Sue 735 1960
  4. I'll Take Care Of You Brook Benton Bobby 'Blue' Bland Duke 314 1959
  5. Heartbreak (It's Hurtin' Me John   Little Willie John King 5356 May 1960
  6. You Are Blessed Trad Sunset Travelers Peacock 1848 1961
  7. Won't Be Long McFarland Aretha Franklin w Ray Bryant Combo Columbia 41923 Nov 1960
  8. Cigarettes And Coffee Braggs Al 'TNT' Braggs Peacock 1907 1961
  9. I Got To Get Away From It All Reese Mitty Collier Chess 1791 Jan 1961
  10. Think Lowman Pauling James Brown Federal 12360 Feb 1960
  11. Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray Bobby Womack The Womack Brothers SAR 123 Jun 1961
  12. She Put The Hurt On Me Lawrence Nelson Prince La La AFO 301 1961
  13. Waiting At The Station Neville Ernie K-Doe Minit LP 0002 Mar 1961
  14. Can`t Work No Longer Mayfield The Impressions ABC 505 Mar 1962
  15. You Don't Know What It Means  Wilson   Jackie Wilson Brunswick 55219 Aug 1960
  16. Not Going To Cry Camp The '5' Royales Home Of The Blues 232 Jan 1961
  17. I've Learned My Lesson Bryant   Helen Bryant Fury 1042 1961
  18. Going Back Where I Belong Parham Sugar Pie De Santo Veltone 108 1959
  19. Soothe Me Sam Cooke The Sims Twins SAR 117 Jun 1961
  20. Someday We'll Be Together Bristol/Beavers Johnny & Jackey Tri-Phi 1005 1961
  21. Everybody Needs Somebody Simon Joe Simon Hush 104 1961
  22. Have No Fear Ricky Lyons Ricky Lyons Federal 12381 Aug 1960
  23. Waiting For Charlie To Come Home Bacharach/David Etta James Argo 5409 Jul 1961
  24. Behold The Saints Of God Norvis Grant The Gospel Stars Tamla 54037 Mar 1961
  25. Mighty Good Lovin' William Robinson, Jr. The Miracles Tamla 54044 Jun 1961
  26. A Losing Battle Rebennack  Johnny Adams Ric 986 1961
  27. Driving Wheel Parker Little Junior Parker Duke 335 May 1961
  28. Hitch Hike Stevenson/Paul/Gaye Marvin Gaye Tamla 54075 1961/2
  29. Cry to Me Berns Solomon Burke Atlantic 2131 Dec 1961
  30. Last Night The Mar-Keys The Mar-Keys Stax 107 1961

DISC 7      

  1. There He Is (At My Door Holland/Gorman The Vells Melody 103 Aug 1962
  2. I Wanna Be Free Tex   Joe Tex Dial 3016 1962
  3. Do You Think That's Right Dave Cortez Judy Clay   Ember 1085 1962
  4. (You're My Dream Come True Berry Gordy, Jr. The Temptations Gordy 7001 Oct 1961
  5. Take This Love I've Got Pickett/Floyd/Rice The Falcons Atlantic 2179 Oct 1962
  6. Always Accused Turbinton  Willie Tee AFO 307 1962
  7. I'm A Big Man Rice  Big Daddy Rogers Midas 9006 1962
  8. Trick Bag King Earl King Imperial 5811 Dec 1961
  9. Fire Stevenson/Holland/Williams Gino Parks Tamla 54066 Dec 1961
  10. You Don't Miss Your Water William Bell William Bell Stax 116 1961
  11. Sweet Lovin' Mama Watson Johnny 'Guitar' Watson King 5666 Oct 1961
  12. Every Little Bit Hurts Cobb  Brenda Holloway Unissued Del-Fi 1962
  13. Something You Got Kenner/Domino Chris Kenner Instant 3237 Sep 1961
  14. Anna Alexander Arthur Alexander Dot 16387 1962
  15. Down In The Valley Berns/Burke Solomon Burke Atlantic 2147 Apr 1962
  16. Part Time Love Wylie/Bradford Sammy Ward Tamla 54071 Nov 1961
  17. Any Day Now Bacharach/David Chuck Jackson Wand 122 1962
  18. Each Night I Cry C. Franklin Erma Franklin Epic 9511 Oct 1961
  19. Seat In The Kingdom Hightower   Hightower Brothers Nashboro 776 1962
  20. I'm Gonna Cut You Loose Ike Turner Ike & Tina Turner Sue LP 2007 1962
  21. It Won't Be This Way (Always Robert L. Kelly The King Pins Federal 12484 Nov 1962
  22. Stubborn Kind Of Fellow Gordy/Gaye/Stevenson Marvin Gaye Tamla 54068 Jun 1962
  23. Good Rockin' Walker Junior Walker & The All Stars Harvey 119 1962
  24. Fat Boy Stewart Billy Stewart Chess 1820 Jan 1962
  25. She Put Me Down Walters Paul Walters 521 111  1962
  26. The Town I Live In Mitchell   McKinley Mitchell One-derful 4804 Jan 1962
  27. Don't Cry Baby Unger Etta James Argo 5393 Mar 1961
  28. If You Need Me Pickett   Wilson Pickett Double-L 713 1962
  29. You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me Robinson The Miracles Tamla 54073 Oct 1962


  1. Catch That Teardrop Reese/Reese The '5' Royales Home Of The Blues 243 1962
  2. I'm The One Who Loves You Mayfield The Impressions ABC 10386 Mar 1962
  3. Ninety Nine & A Half Won't Do Trad Della Reese RCA 7996 1962
  4. Strange I Know Holland/Dozier The Marvelettes Tamla 54072 May 1962
  5. Lookin' For A Love Alexander/Samuels The Valentinos SAR 132 Feb 1962
  6. No Headstone On My Grave Charlie Rich Esther Phillips Lenox L-227 1962
  7. Say Yeah Yeah Rozier Yvonne Fair Dade 5006 1962
  8. I Let Her Get Away Crutchfield Joe Tex Dial 3009 1962
  9. Sooner Or Later Josie The Four Rivers Josie 901  1962
  10. Untie Me Joe South The Tams Arlen 711 1962
  11. Soul Twist Ousley King Curtis & His Noble Knights Enjoy 1000 1962
  12. I'll Have to Let Him Go Robinson Martha & The Vandellas Gordy 7011 Aug 1962
  13. Something's Got A Hold On Me Woods/Kirkland Etta James Argo 5409 Dec 1961
  14. Losing Hand Conrad Little Milton Checker 1020 June 1962
  15. I Found A Love Schofield/West/Pickett The Falcons Lu Pine 103 Jan 1962
  16. Land Of 1,000 Dances Chris Kenner Chris Kenner Instant 3252 Apr 1962
  17. It Must Be Love Billingslea/Potts The Contours Gordy 7016 Jun 1962
  18. Behind The 8 Ball Robinson Lee Dorsey Fury 1061 1962
  19. Mojo Hanna Williams/Paul Tami Lynn AFO LP 0002 1962
  20. Ruler Of My Heart Neville Irma Thomas Minit 666 1962
  21. Can't Take It Davis/Jackson The O'Jays Apollo 759 1961
  22. My Love Belongs to You Moore/Prater Sam & Dave Marlin 6104 1962
  23. Worried and Hurtin' Inside Turner Ike & Tina Turner Sue 774 1962
  24. Your Heart Belongs to Me Robinson The Supremes Motown 1034 Aug 1962
  25. Somebody Have Mercy Sam Cooke Sam Cooke RCA 8088 Feb 1962
  26. Fever Davenport Timi Yuro Liberty LRP-3263 1962
  27. Witchcraft In The Air Thornton Bettye LaVette Lu Pine 1021 1962
  28. These Arms Of Mine Redding Otis Redding Volt 103 Dec 1962
  29. I'll Go Crazy Brown James Brown King 6020 Oct 1962
  30. Fingertips (Pt. 2 Paul/Cosby Stevie Wonder Tamla 54080 Jun 1962


Soul Chronology 1 Available Now

Soul 004,007 & 008.. The History of Soul Chronolgies
'This series is wonderful and a period in Soul Music that is earlier than I am familiar with ,the volumes that I have had so far have introduced me to some wonderful new tracks. The booklet with each volume is superb I have also featured many tracks on my weekly Soul and Funk show.'
John Farrar 6 Towns Radio

S0UL004 Wade In The Water N/A out of stock

Disc One

1. I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go Arizona Dranes
2. Moan You Moaners Bessie Smith
3. Judgement Sister Mary Nelson
4. Honey In The Rock Blind Mamie Forehand
5. Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit Luther Magby
6. Denomination Blues Pt. 1 Washington Phillips
7. Dough Roller Blues Garfield Akers
8. Them Bones Mitchells Christian Singers
9. Church, I'm Fully Saved Today Blind Willie Johnson
10. Louise Louise Blues Johnnie Temple
11. Oh My Lord Mahalia Jackson
12. Cross And Evil Woman Blues Rev Gary Davis
13. Every Time That I Feel The Spirit
Golden Gate Jubliee Quartet
14. This Heart Of Mine Pt 1 Rev R V Gates
15. Gospel Train The Wright Brothers
16. In My Girlish Days Memphis Minnie
17. Wade In the Water The Charioteers
18. If I Could Just Make It In
Ernestine B Washington & The Dixie Hummingbirds
19. When They Ring Them Golden Bells The Southern Sons
20. Book Of The Seven Seas The Dixie Hummingbirds
21. How Far from God Sister Rosetta Tharpe
22. Here Am I Do Send Me Georgia Peach
23. Move On Up A Little Higher Mahalia Jackson
24. Good News The Pilgrim Travelers
25. I'm Waiting For Jesus Georgia Peach with Lois Russell
26. Beams Of Heaven
Sister Rosetta Tharpe with Marie Knight
27. Stand By Me Sister Mathews
28. I'm Tired Ethel Davenport With Brownie McGhee

Disc Two

1. Call It Stormy Monday T-Bone Walker
2. Heaven Bound Train Jackson Gospel Singers
3. We Shall Walk Through The Valley Ernestine B Washington
4. I'm Standing On The Highway The Pilgrim Travelers
5. Just One Moment Clara Ward
6. Good Daddy Blues Dinah Washington
7. I Thank You Jesus Marie Knight
8. Search Me Lord Brother Joe May
9. Little Boy Reverend Samuel Kelsey
10. There's a Place Cora Martin
11. Please Send Me Someone To Love Percy Mayfield
12. Jesus Travelled This Road Before
The Five Blind Boys Of Mississippi
13. Lord Jesus Wynona Carr
14. How Sweet It Is Prof J Earle Hines
15. Milky White Way The Trumpeteers
16. Love Don't Love Nobody Roy Brown
17. In That Home By And By Jesse Mae Renfro
18. I'll Be There Little Esther
19. This Old World Goldia Haynes With Joe Liggins
20. Satisfied Roberta Martin Singers
21. Give Me One More Chance The Royales
22. Dreaming Blues Roy Brown
23. Just Over The Hill Mahalia Jackson
24. Stacked Deck Billy Wright
25. He's My Rock The Five Blind Boys Of Mississippi
26. Crying All Night Long Bobby Bland
27. When He Spoke Ruth Davis
28. Do Something For Me The Dominoes
29. Salvation Is Free Clara Ward


Let's Soul Dance Available Now

'A perfect compilation, features familiar names & obscure artists who deserve their place in musical history,as educational as it is entertaining and is worth adding to your collection...I learned a lot from reading the liner notes. When I make some new discoveries, that's a real bonus.'
Errol Nazareth, presenter on CBC, Canadian Broadcasting Company

S0UL007 This Old Soul Of Mine

Disc One

1.Too Close To Heaven The Davis Sisters
2. Honey In The Rock The Larks
3. I'll Drown In My Tears Lula Reed
4. Peace In The Valley The Soul Stirrers
5. The River's Invitation Percy Mayfield
6. Here Am I Do Lord Send Me The Spirit Of Memphis
7. Come In The Room Clara Ward
8. Way Back Home Big Maybelle
9. This Old Soul Of Mine Professor J.Earle Hines
10. Baby, Don't Do It The Five Royales
11. Somebody Touched Me Edna Gallmon Cooke
12. Just Another Day The Soul Stirrers
13. I Shouldn't Cry But I Do Kitty Stevenson
14. Tell The Angels The Caravans
15. Jesus Walk With Me Marie Knight
16. Fool, Fool, Fool The Clovers
17. Bye And Bye Pt 1 & 2 The Davis Sisters
18. Lawdy Miss Clawdy Lloyd Price
19. I'm Sealed Original Gospel Harmonettes
20. Misery In My Heart Ray Charles
21. Stand By Me The Davis Sisters
22. Too Late Baby The Five Keys
23. Trouble In My Way The Dixie Hummingbirds
24. I Must Tell Jesus Sister Jessie Mae Renfro
25. Feelin' Sad Guitar Slim
26. He Won't Deny Me Swan's Silvertone Singers
27. He's Right On Time Original Gospel Harmonettes
28. Have Mercy Baby The Dominoes
29. Too Close To Heaven Alex Bradford

Disc Two

1. I'm Tired The Davis Sisters
2. Outskirts Of Town Billy Ward & The Dominoes
3. Since I Met Jesus The Caravans
4. Be Ready When He Comes The Colemanaires
5. Only A Pilgrim The Christian Travelers
6. Money Honey The Drifters
7. Any Day Now The Soul Stirrers
8. Walking To Jerusalem Mahalia Jackson
9. Two Wings Rev. Utah Smith
10. Yes, Yes, I've Done My Duty The Sunset Travellers
11. Don't You Know Ray Charles
12. Build Me A Cabin Edna Gallmon Cooke
13. God Don't Like It Rev. Anderson Johnson
14. Soul On Fire LaVern Baker
15. Somebody Touched Me Ruth Brown
16. Saving My Love For You Johnny Ace
17. I'm Determined The Meditation Singers
18. No Hiding Place Dorothy Love Coates
19. I've Got A New Home The Pilgrim Travelers
20. Ain't That Good News Little Richard
21. Faith That Moves Mountains Clara Ward
22. Lookin' For My Baby Little Milton
23. Blessed And Brought Up By The Lord The Caravans
24. Sinner's Prayer Ray Charles
25. The Things That I Used To Do Guitar Slim
26. Don't Say Your Last Goodbye The Midnighters
27. Since He Lightened My Heavy Load The Staple Singers
28. All Aboard 5 Blind Boys Of Mississippi


soul chronology3

'A perfect compilation, features familiar names & obscure artists who deserve their place in musical history,as educational as it is entertaining and is worth adding to your collection...I learned a lot from reading the liner notes. When I make some new discoveries, that's a real bonus.'
Errol Nazareth, presenter on CBC, Canadian Broadcasting Company

S0UL009 Save A Seat For Me

Disc One

  1. I've Got A Woman Ray Charles
  2. The Angels Keep Watching The Caravans
  3. Don't Cry Baby Jimmy Scott
  4. It's My Life, Baby Bobby "Blue" Bland
  5. Twelve Gates To The City The Davis Sisters
  6. Ocean Of Tears Big Maybelle
  7. Help Me The Aladdins
  8. Directly From My Heart Little Richard
  9. Ten Long Years B.B. King
  10. Sweeter As The Days Go By Robert Anderson
  11. It's Really You Nappy Brown
  12. The Last Mile Of The Way The Soul Stirrers
  13. Drown In My Own Tears Ray Charles
  14. Come On Clara Ward
  15. Need Your Love So Bad Little Willie John
  16. Honey Bee The Drifters
  17. Come On And Save Me The Five Royales
  18. Dear Heart Jesse Belvin
  19. So Fine The Sheiks
  20. Never Grow Old Aretha Franklin
  21. Those Lonely, Lonely Nights Earl King
  22. Hallelujah I Love Her So Ray Charles
  23. He's My King The Davis Sisters
  24. The Way You Dog Me Around The Diablos
  25. It's Love Baby  Earl Gaines
  26. Jesus Brought Me The Swan Silvertones
  27. I'm All Alone Solomon Burke
  28. 99 And A Half Original Gospel Harmonettes


Disc Two

  1. Please, Please, Please James Brown
  2. While the Blood Runs Warm Aretha Franklin
  3. Easy Easy Baby Ann Cole
  4. Fever Little Willie John
  5. Save A Seat For Me The Five Blind Boys
  6. Lonely Avenue Ray Charles
  7. That's Enough Original Gospel Harmonettes
  8. I Can't Linda Hopkins
  9. Mine Forevermore The 5 Royales
  10. I Should Have Done Right The Drifters
  11. Sinner's Crossroads Silver Quintette 
  12. Pitiful Big Maybelle
  13. Let's Call It A Day Billy Gayles
  14. Wonderful The Soul Stirrers
  15. I Cried Like A Baby Nappy Brown
  16. I Put My Trust In Thee Marie Knight
  17. Flaming Love The Gardenias
  18. Should I Ever Love Again? Wynona Carr
  19. Ain't That Love Ray Charles
  20. Touch The Hem Of His Garment The Soul Stirrers
  21. Farther Up The Road Bobby ‘Blue’ Bland
  22. Natural Born Lover The Gum Drops
  23. Uncloudy Day The Staple Singers
  24. You're My Baby Gene Allison
  25. Billy's Blues, Part 2 Billy Stewart
  26. To The End The Sensational Nightingales
  27. This I Know Little Joe & The Thrillers
  28. There's Something On My Mind The Highway Q.C.'s



yes indeed

A Soul Chronology 4: 1957-1958
As black popular music genres were adopted by white teenage audiences in the 1950s, there was a tendency for black music to revert to more authentic, basic styles. Towards the end of that decade, a new generation of black entrepreneurs sought to cash in on this trend by setting up innovative independent labels, which were to produce some of the best known names of twentieth century music such as Sam Cooke, Berry Gordy and Ray Charles. The growing civil rights movement, the rise of the 45rpm record and the electric guitar all played their part in the creation of a new sound. Part of the History of Soul series, the accompanying 32-page booklet sketches the historical background to a collection of exciting tracks from the 1950s and 60s.

S0UL010 Yes Indeed

Disc One 1957

  1. Love, Life And Money    Little Willie John
  2. Didn't It Rain      Evelyn Freeman
  3. Don't You Know                The Ramblers
  4. Teach Me How To Love You Bobby “Blue” Bland
  5. Talkin' 'bout You               Ray Charles
  6. Were You There?             The Soul Stirrers
  7. Hold My Baby's Hand     James Brown
  8. Sitting On Top Of The World Howlin' Wolf
  9. The Right Time  Nappy Brown
  10. I'll Be Home Some Day   Hank Ballard
  11. Young Blood       The Coasters
  12. Be With Me Jesus            The Soul Stirrers
  13. What Kind Of Man Are You Mary Ann Fisher
  14. Every Whicha Kinda Way Earl Connelly King
  15. Uh Uh Baby        Little Willie John
  16. Jesus Will Meet Me Mighty Gospel Giants
  17. I Smell Trouble  Bobby "Blue" Bland
  18. I'm So Glad         The Famous Ward Singers
  19. That's Enough    Ray Charles
  20. That's Enough    The Drinkard Singers
  21. Come Back To Me            Jackie Wilson
  22. Satisfied               Harold Burrage
  23. Sit Down And Rest Awhile The Sunset Travelers
  24. You Can Make It If You Try Gene Allison
  25. Steal Away To Jesus        The Gospel Clefs
  26. What Can I Do   Donnie Elbert
  27. Without Love Clyde McPhatter
  28. Think     The 5 Royales


Disc Two 1958

  1. The Lord Will Provide     The Caravans
  2. You Got Me        Bobby "Blue" Bland
  3. I'll Come Running Back To You    Sam Cooke
  4. Lonely Teardrops             Jackie Wilson
  5. Oh Mary Dont You Weep Swan's Silvertones
  6. For Your Precious Love  Jerry Butler
  7. Why Me               Ruth Brown
  8. What Folks Say About Me Alex Bradford
  9. Talk To Me          Little Willie John
  10. Try Me  James Brown
  11. Packin' Up           Marion Williams
  12. Yes Indeed         Ray Charles
  13. That Will Never Do          Little Milton
  14. Drip Drop             The Drifters
  15. Come By Here The Hightower Brothers
  16. Everything Will Be Alright Gene Allison
  17. What You Say Baby         The Dells
  18. I’m Holding On  Little Junior Parker
  19. I've Been Lifted                The Dixie Nightingales
  20. Tell The Truth    The 5 Royales
  21. So Glad Evangelist Ballinger
  22. Shock    Brian Holland
  23. Tell It to Me Baby  Willie Mitchell
  24. I'll Weep No More           Betty Everett
  25. I Can See So Much Cleophus Robinson
  26. (Night Time Is) The Right Time   Ray Charles
  27. Hold It   Bill Doggett
  28. I Can't Believe It The Gospel Chordettes



Soul Chronology 5: Singing From My Soul
By 1960, the sound of black popular music had turned away from a driving, largely uptempo rhythm and blues towards a more emotionally poignant style described at the time as secularised gospel. The term 'soul' popped up here and there, but only became common parlance after Ray Charles's I Believe To My Soul was released at the end of 1959. This compilation, part of the History of Soul series, brings together the finest tunes before soul went mainstream. We hope you will find the accompanying 28-page booklet interesting and informative.

S0UL011 Singing From My Soul

Disc One

  1. Shout Isley Brothers
  2. Something's Got A Hold  The Soul Seekers
  3. Money   Barrett Strong
  4. Walk Around Me  Lord  The Sensational Wonders
  5. My Soul Looks Back The Meditation Singers
  6. You're So Fine The Falcons
  7. I Want To Know  Sugar Pie DeSanto
  8. Lazerus The Sunset Travelers
  9. Something On Your Mind  Big Jay McNeely
  10. Working On The Building  The Highway QC's
  11. (You Can) Depend On Me  The Miracles
  12. What'd I Say (Pts 1 & 2) Ray Charles
  13. I'm Shakin' Little Willie John
  14. Search My Heart The Antioch Temple Choir
  15. Miami Eugene Church
  16. Someday Bobby "Blue" Bland
  17. Here Comes The Fool  Donoman & The Lakettes
  18. I Could Love You  Hank Ballard
  19. Three Times Seven Earl Gaines
  20. Good Good Lovin'  James Brown
  21. Got On My Traveling Shoes The Famous Ward Singers
  22. Crying For My Baby Harold Burrage
  23. Stand By Me Father  The Soul Stirrers
  24. I'll Be Satisfied  Jackie Wilson
  25. Good News The Staple Singers
  26. Don't Let It Be In Vain The 5 Royales
  27. I've Got A Girl Major Lance
  28. Where There's A Will 5 Blind Boys Of Mississippi

Disc Two

  1. A Fool In Love    Ike & Tina Turner
  2. Shop Around  The Miracles
  3. He's The Same Today   The Kelly Brothers
  4. Who Wouldn't Love A Man  Mable John
  5. Cause I Love You  Rufus & Carla
  6. Will The Circle Be Unbroken   The Staple Singers
  7. Come On (Pts 1 & 2)  Earl King
  8. Tenderness   Sam Cooke
  9. Who's The Fool   Singin' Sammy Ward
  10. Bye Bye Baby  Mary Wells
  11. Wild Child  Little Esther
  12. New Orleans  Gary U.S. Bonds
  13. Say Yes The Top Notes
  14. My Love Came Tumbling Down J.J. Barnes
  15. I Don't Think I Can Make It           Al 'TNT' Braggs
  16. I Pity The Fool    Bobby "Blue" Bland
  17. Ooh Poo Pah Doo (Pt 1)   Jessie Hill
  18. Baby, One More Time The Drapers
  19. Something On Your Mind  Bobby Marchan
  20. I Beg Of You   Donnie Elbert
  21. I'll Go Crazy  James Brown
  22. You Better Know It   Jackie Wilson
  23. I Believe To My Soul  Ray Charles
  24. I'm With You  The 5 Royales
  25. Got a Feelin'   Willie Wright
  26. Work Song  Nina Simone
  27. Singin' In My Soul   Swan Silvertone Singers


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